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Battle Creek Central High School

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BCPS Athletic Mission, Vision, Philosophy

Mission Statement

The mission of Battle Creek Public Schools’ Athletic Department  (Central High School,  Springfield Middle School and Northwestern Middle School) is to support Battle Creek Public Schools’ mission of  “100% Success for Every Bearcat.” 

Vision Statement

It is the vision of Battle Creek Public Schools’ athletic program to create, maintain and enhance an academic and athletic experience of excellence for all Bearcats.

Philosophy Statement

The goal of the BCPS athletic program is to offer a positive and meaningful experience that will enhance the growth and development of our young men and women. Athletics can impact many aspects of a student's education. The athletic program is an extension of and is complimentary to the total education program. The program offers each student an opportunity for self growth, development of physical skills and fitness, sportsmanship, teamwork and the satisfaction found in competition.



The BCPS Athletic Program shall be so directed that the welfare of all students will be the guiding principle. Continual emphasis shall be placed on the philosophy that athletic activities are an integral part of the education program and are justifiable only to the extent that they are desirable learning experiences.

All athletic activities in the school district shall be closely coordinated with the general instructional program and with the other departments of the school district. They should contribute to the physical and emotional growth of the student, because the field of athletic competition provides the laboratory phase of education. The skills, techniques, and other theories used in athletic events should be the epitome of educational training. While participation is to be encouraged, it should be regarded as a privilege to compete for the school and be held in such high esteem as to eliminate any need for excessive praise and awards.

The aim of athletics is to assist the student to:

1. Develop physical, mental, and emotional health.

2. Develop ethical and moral values.

3. Develop their role in the family group.

4. Exhibit good citizenship and sportsmanship at all times.

5. Develop effective participation in and responsibility for the democratic practice.

6. Develop and apply clear, logical thinking and good judgment in the affairs of daily living.

7. Develop the ability to communicate ideas.

8. Develop knowledge and understanding of the natural environment. 

9. Develop physical skills and vigor.

10.Develop appreciation of the ability of others and themselves.

11.Develop a wise use of leisure time.

12.Develop a zeal for continuous learning and self-improvement.